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Admin: Giving Kiln blog a Rest

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I suppose it has brought some blessings, but it’s not the thing itself. That other blog I maintain no longer serves a genuine purpose. On top of that, it has … Continue reading

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39th Book Published

I think it’s ready… Okay, it’s not my best cover image work, but it was hard to get a free image of a pipeline project. You can get your free copy here.

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Prayer Requests

The first item is conceivably frivolous, but I’m asking anyway: My thirst for adventure is powerful. Now, I have no place to store a boat of any size, but I am really longing for a way to row around on … Continue reading

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The Sniper: Prologue

The young lad picked his way quietly along the narrow alley, stopping now and then to listen. The residents had fled the village long ago; mostly he was hearing the sound of the breeze whipping against the vacant structures. Near … Continue reading

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Warning Order: Fiction Coming

A story hit me today. The whole time I was out riding I was wishing I could have brought my netbook so I could get it down. You have to understand that my stories write themselves. They present themselves to … Continue reading

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Another Series on Kiln Blog

My recent posts have brought me to a point of offering a broader vision of things. While the individual posts are not precisely pulpit material, the whole thing together addresses something that belongs specifically to the narrower selection of folks … Continue reading

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What’s Going On 06

Just a little administrivia: I’ve finally finished the review of my notes on Matthew’s Gospel. I’ve posted it here. You can save that single webpage as a file and all the formatting is included. I’ve also added a new permanent … Continue reading

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