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Prayer Requests

The first item is conceivably frivolous, but I’m asking anyway: My thirst for adventure is powerful. Now, I have no place to store a boat of any size, but I am really longing for a way to row around on … Continue reading

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The Sniper: Prologue

The young lad picked his way quietly along the narrow alley, stopping now and then to listen. The residents had fled the village long ago; mostly he was hearing the sound of the breeze whipping against the vacant structures. Near … Continue reading

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Warning Order: Fiction Coming

A story hit me today. The whole time I was out riding I was wishing I could have brought my netbook so I could get it down. You have to understand that my stories write themselves. They present themselves to … Continue reading

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Another Series on Kiln Blog

My recent posts have brought me to a point of offering a broader vision of things. While the individual posts are not precisely pulpit material, the whole thing together addresses something that belongs specifically to the narrower selection of folks … Continue reading

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What’s Going On 06

Just a little administrivia: I’ve finally finished the review of my notes on Matthew’s Gospel. I’ve posted it here. You can save that single webpage as a file and all the formatting is included. I’ve also added a new permanent … Continue reading

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If Only You Could See Me

In a textual atmosphere such as this blog, it’s hard to bring across the personality of the man behind the words. You get some of it, but it’s easy to misread. I’m old and placid internally. The only time I … Continue reading

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Comments on Matthew 18

I got distracted for a while, particularly with computer issues. I’m back in the saddle now and today I began working again on my revision of my Gospels commentary. Here’s a section from Matthew 18. ———— There had already arisen … Continue reading

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