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What’s Going On 06

Just a little administrivia: I’ve finally finished the review of my notes on Matthew’s Gospel. I’ve posted it here. You can save that single webpage as a file and all the formatting is included. I’ve also added a new permanent … Continue reading

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If Only You Could See Me

In a textual atmosphere such as this blog, it’s hard to bring across the personality of the man behind the words. You get some of it, but it’s easy to misread. I’m old and placid internally. The only time I … Continue reading

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Comments on Matthew 18

I got distracted for a while, particularly with computer issues. I’m back in the saddle now and today I began working again on my revision of my Gospels commentary. Here’s a section from Matthew 18. ———— There had already arisen … Continue reading

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Admin: New Project

While waiting for Tim to get his leased server space moved to another machine, and then to setup my blog with SAFARI, I felt compelled to start a new project. I’m hoping to reach a different audience that might be … Continue reading

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Shine That Light

I really would like to have one of these t-shirts. They say they took the idea from this video: This is near and dear to my heart. You’ll notice that my books, articles, blog posts and even my images are … Continue reading

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Tech Trash

It happens just a few of you seem interested in my technology chatter, so I’ll dump out the latest news. While I do try to keep track of computer technology trends, there is just too much going on right now. … Continue reading

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Eldership Notes

You really don’t need me to tell you. Most of you know that God is at work and bringing truly substantial changes in our world. And while the mainstream media is trumpeting one kind of change, what really matters morally … Continue reading

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