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Installing Linux Mint (Updated)

This is not a thorough and detailed explanation. Maybe I’ll write that book in the near future, but I wanted to offer a quick outline of things you should expect should you decide to sample Mint. Download your choice of … Continue reading

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Technological Spite

Let me be the first to encourage you to stay away from computers. I write that in a post on a blog many know to cover a lot of computer technology stuff. It’s not a bad hobby, so long as … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Glory

All things for the glory of His name. Would you believe some of the Win7 drivers on this laptop broke Windows Update? I tried two different ways of installing Win7 on the Studio 1535 and things were just dandy until … Continue reading

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New Old Vista

Has anyone else noticed that, since Vista is only valid for another year or so, that Vista users aren’t hounded with the Win10 upgrade nonsense? Also, consensus of heavy-duty security folks is that Vista was the most secure and private … Continue reading

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Can’t Afford Materialism

I can recall serving in the military when it was called “peace time” and all we did was train. In those days, our senior battalion maintenance officer said something to a group of us about what a wonderful thing it … Continue reading

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Encryption Back Doors Already There

Perhaps you are aware of this ongoing stupidity from the government. There’s no real debate, of course, just government figures ignoring the obvious. The motives may vary among themselves, but not a single one of them honestly serves your interest. … Continue reading

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The One Thing

I won’t use the terminology of the giants on whose shoulders I stand; they encouraged me to find my own voice from merging myself into the message. So if I had to pick one thing to talk about as the … Continue reading

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