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Theology and Practice: Intermission

Not that “intermission” is a theological topic, but I am taking an intermission in this series. I’ll be glad to address any questions you may have in the future, but I sense that we can move on to other things. … Continue reading

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Western Crippled Hearts

Mysticism makes no sense without cynicism. First a quick review: You may recall the Aristotle assumed that this universe is all there is. He didn’t argue against the existence of deities and beings who were invisible to human perception, but … Continue reading

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Darkness Stirs on the Net

On October 1 this year, the US will surrender it’s de facto control over the Internet. There is a lot of noise on both sides of the debate as to whether this is really a good idea. I’ve been aware … Continue reading

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Mission and Mortality

If it were a simple matter of efficiency and logic, we would all simply commit suicide. Perhaps he didn’t intend to teach what I caught from it, but one of the fellows who helped to shape my awareness during my … Continue reading

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Heart-led Parables

Our mysticism is not as their mysticism. One of the most confusing things we deal with is a vast legacy of Western-style mysticism. The Western version remains cerebral; it does not target a heart-led understanding. Instead, there is some nebulous … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Condemnation

Two different realms, two entirely different worlds that are never more than a step away from each other are Penitence and Condemnation. For all the sorrow of the latter, it seems not many people escape it. This is your surprise … Continue reading

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Divine Tactics

If your conscious focus is not in the heart-mind, none of this will make any sense at all. In the previous post, I left you with the understanding that Zionism does its work in darkness. If Zionists act in full … Continue reading

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