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I Warned You

Some of you still don’t get it. Trump was never going to do anything that really mattered. I still claim he had a commission from God, but that he failed it, and he failed so completely that there will be … Continue reading

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A Full-Blown Apocalypse

Yes, we are facing a full-blown apocalypse. It has to come from God. Even if we could sit down and talk face to face, there is no way I can make you see what I see right now. The fire … Continue reading

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Only What God Says

Nothing matters except this: The revelation of heart-led faith and covenant living. Consider the implications of that commitment. Let me use an example that will touch you where you live: music. Aside from a very limited effort to test the … Continue reading

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Bigger than Revenge of the Nerds

I’m seeing some interesting trends. The crazy stuff involving GameStop and the Wall Street Bets (WSB) forum on Reddit tells us a couple of things. One is that old guard oligarchs are under attack. We might use other words if … Continue reading

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Our World Is Accursed

Let the record show: I trust my convictions over my five senses, and over the full gamut of reasoning about so-called objective reality. I could care less what the whole world says; my convictions come from God and He’s the … Continue reading

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The Question Is Whose Blood

I can’t tell you what you should think, but I cannot avoid saying what I believe. If I could go back and tally all the sites WordPress has shut down, and get a feel for what those blogs were about, … Continue reading

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Not the Last Tower of Babel

Just a point of clarification, and a reminder: the globalists are not all one thing. It’s an idolatrous cult, but not everyone is serving purposefully in the same temple, as a single cult. Rather, it’s an idolatry that’s as old … Continue reading

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The West Is Inherently Evil

Just a reminder: Feminism is built into Western Civilization. If you are familiar with the Men’s Red-Pill movement online, you will get a belly full of complaints about feminism, as if it were somehow a perversion of “Western Christianity.” That’s … Continue reading

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Make Him a Hero

To the world, Biblical Law looks like legal obligations. To Christian Mysticism, Biblical Law is the grace of God revealing how things work in a fallen world. If you embrace Radix Fidem, then anything resembling teaching of law is just … Continue reading

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The USA under God’s Wrath

God is always at work. We engage our moral and spiritual discernment to see where His hand is working and seek to get involved, to exploit the situation to shine the light of our shalom to the fallen world. We … Continue reading

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