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Woe to the Blasphemers

God acts more quickly and more forcefully against blasphemy of His name than almost any other sin humans commit. You can get that from 2 Kings 19, where the primary issue is that Sennacherib and his crew blasphemed Jehovah, within … Continue reading

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Not the Last Tower of Babel

Just a point of clarification, and a reminder: the globalists are not all one thing. It’s an idolatrous cult, but not everyone is serving purposefully in the same temple, as a single cult. Rather, it’s an idolatry that’s as old … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Christmas

Shall we celebrate Christmas? Short answer: It is not so much as mentioned anywhere in the Bible. The Hebrew people did not celebrate birthdays. The individual and immediate family kept track, but had nothing like the mental image we have … Continue reading

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Another Case of Missing the Point

God didn’t make perversion; that’s just a reflection of our fallen nature. Most of the Western debate about sexual perversion is rooted in avoiding the revelation of God. Remember that sin is defined as arguing with the Creator; evil is … Continue reading

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The Mechanism We Have in Our Hands

It doesn’t require a prophet’s vision to see that America is doomed. What does it take to build an empire and keep it together? The empire must have an identity that makes the conquering forces proud. That identity must bring … Continue reading

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Maybe This Time

What we seek to build is something akin to a cultural identity, but actually resting entirely on our covenant. History shows that a nation can stand about as good as any nation could if they are held together by some … Continue reading

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Faith Is Faith

Let’s clarify something: What we here at Kiln of the Soul call “heart-led” is synonymous with genuine faith. The problem is that most Christians use the word “faith” with a different meaning, different from what we mean and different from … Continue reading

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Heart-led Analysis of Living

It should seem obvious that, in order to read the Old Testament, one must read back into it the unstated assumptions the writers considered obvious. So we study the history of the Ancient Near East and do our best to … Continue reading

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Encouraging Faith Under Persecution

You can sit in a Buddhist temple and call on the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s a wave of fresh persecution against organized Christian religion in Asian countries this year. Although China gets a lot of ink on that issue, it’s … Continue reading

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The Fall of America 01

I sense the need to respond more broadly to some questions asked in private. Let me provide some context first as a sort of review. The US is doomed. America is under God’s wrath. Some of the cause for this … Continue reading

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