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Measured Distrust

While it can be debated that a high trust culture is at least partly a matter of DNA common to northern European societies, the only reason that matters is it helps to explain why so many Americans are gullible against … Continue reading

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Hands Tied by God

First and foremost: We follow Christ alone. Without any apology, we serve Him at whatever cost to our comfort, convenience, or even our lives. Furthermore, we assert that most Westerners have no clue who He is, nor who He was … Continue reading

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The Rotting Carcass

At least as early as my days at OBU, I recall smart-aleck fools who insisted that Ecclesiastes was simply existentialism. This conclusion is entirely natural from a Western point of view. Existentialism is the rotting carcass left after you murder … Continue reading

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Divine Espionage

Jesus often sought solitude to pray. When someone discovers that their heart is a sensory organ in itself, that habit of Jesus makes an awful lot of sense that it didn’t before. Communion with unfallen nature is a divine treat, … Continue reading

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Origins Agnosticism

Just as a follow-up to my post about crazy things mainstream religious leaders assert about Bible History, I wanted to remind folks of a fundamental philosophical issue. I take an agnostic position about questions of human origins. This business of … Continue reading

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Not Necromancy

I spoke with my father-in-law the other day; he’s been dead for several years. No, this is not necromancy. The Bible makes it pretty clear that the dead do not come back unless God sends them. At His whim that … Continue reading

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My Father’s World, Part 1

When we read the Bible, we are facing two layers of false mythology. The first is the underlying bias of the translators. In the US, our religious culture is largely the product of the Anglo-Saxon biases behind the King James … Continue reading

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Answering 05: The Moral Sphere

You don’t have to take me seriously, but I am so confident in my message that I’m willing to stand alone against all of humanity at the same time. Insane or not, I assert without a hint of embarrassment that … Continue reading

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Review: Led by the Heart

Let’s start with a reminder: The science is not hard to find, but it seems hard to use if science is all you have. I’ve been disappointed in searching for application material. There are surely better writers for this subject, … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Front Matter

Serializing the draft of my next book under the working title “Heart of Faith.” Smashwords requires an advertising blurb for each book. They want a long and short version. Short: Your heart is not simply a metaphor of feelings, but … Continue reading

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