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How Bad Will It Be?

If you examine the record of Scripture, you can discern a thread of moral propriety in dealing with other nations. The starting point is to leave folks alone. In truth, this is the broad instinct of the Children of Israel. … Continue reading

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War on the Horizon

This is just an intuition, a perception based on heart-sensing the mood of the people: We are going to war. I realize there’s been lots of media noise about likely targets of American military force, but it’s just noise. It … Continue reading

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The Prophecy Stands

It’s time to renew the warning of my first prophetic message from ten years ago: God will not allow us to mess with Iran. I suspect some of the noise we hear about this is just tactical propaganda. We need … Continue reading

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More Expectations

I want to let you in on some more of my plans and expectations. You still have to decide for yourself what God wants from you, but I share this because it might ring a bell with you, too. First, … Continue reading

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Psalm 119: Samek 113-120

Here we have a dominion worthy of service. Even today we recognize the pride that comes with belonging to the winning side, so it offers no difficulty to understand the psalmist’s frank boasting in His Master. The entire octet is … Continue reading

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Of Goats and Chamber Pots

Don’t follow the folly of this world. Matthew 26:52 is often misquoted. It’s a peculiar Western concept that one could “live by the sword.” It almost sounds poetic — live by the sword; die by the sword. But this places … Continue reading

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Law versus Law

We operate in a context of human laws that are founded on flouting God’s Law. The Law Covenants reflect the nature of Creation itself. They reveal the moral character of the Creator, and we should hardly be surprised that His … Continue reading

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