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Virtual Tribes

Just a reminder: I am a Christian Mystic with no recognizable political agenda. My outlook is prophetic; I’m analyzing what I see based on an otherworldly orientation. The only eagerness I express for various trends visible to us today arises … Continue reading

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Leverage for Resistance

Someone has asked the question: Just what do I mean by saying I’ll defend the US Constitution? As you might expect, there’s a story behind that, and not everyone tells the same story. Short answer: It boils down to protecting … Continue reading

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War on Revelation 03

Feminists make such terrible mothers because they don’t recognize God’s boundaries. They insist they must mother and smother every human on earth, and never ever let go. Without their divine guidance, the whole world would end very quickly. They are … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes Open

The global elite are about to lose their grip. It won’t happen all at once; it may not even be a total loss. Still, as more and more of what makes this world go, slips farther and farther into the … Continue reading

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Fighting Babylon

This is in response to some offline questions. The Tower of Babel symbolizes a false religion used to oppress and to violate fundamental Biblical Law. The false religion was a form of astrology. The fundamental law transgression was an attempt … Continue reading

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Virtual Redoubt

This is another one of those wild visionary rambles. You’ve been warned. The global economic system is in collapse. There’s turmoil and increasing social instability in our world, particularly in the Western countries. Some very powerful figures are provoking it … Continue reading

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Virtual Virtue

The previous post shares my vision of virtual pastoring under a mystical religion. Contrary to the mythology of Western intellectual bias, this religion is intensely practical. It has to be; while anyone can absorb the teachings, the communion depends entirely … Continue reading

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