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Loose Ends Fraying

I’m not sure I can tie up all the loose ends to my own satisfaction. There’s a sense in which getting older means you’ve learned some things don’t really matter. There have been a lot of stuff I was willing … Continue reading

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“Stand Your Ground” Principle Online

I don’t care what you think or believe. Honestly, it makes no difference in my life what calls to you. And what calls to me makes no difference in your life, either. If you choose to read my blather, that’s … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Commandos

The threat is very real. [I]n almost every regard, Silicon Valley is on board (or even to the left) of the Democratic party. Most entrepreneurs, the survey found, favor high taxes on the rich, generous social services for the poor, … Continue reading

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The Real Apocalypse

There’s a movie titled Virtual Revolution. It’s not hard to find and you can watch it on YouTube, if you feel like it. I’m not going to recommend it, though. I’ll save you some time: It depicts a dystopian future … Continue reading

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The Drift in Reality

They don’t understand because they refuse to understand. Don’t be like them. God is creating a new reality; He invites our participation. He calls to us with warmth and longing, if only we would shift to a heart-led consciousness so … Continue reading

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Virtual Violence

While there are fundamental differences, in some ways we can draw parallels between virtual and meat space. Being healthy equates to having a device capable of connecting and providing the type and degree of access desired by the user. It … Continue reading

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Virtual Resistance

Our warfare is in the moral realm. We live in the Fallen Realm. God’s revelation of truth falls into the Moral Realm but bears implications for our lives in the Fallen Realm. Please note that the Moral Realm is the … Continue reading

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Digital Scandal and Social Mythology

Divine justice is non-negotiable. Maybe you are aware of the big scandal involving a website known as “Ashley Madison.” The site is advertised as a means to engaging in adultery anonymously. There are plenty of such sites and services, but … Continue reading

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Virtual Virtue

The previous post shares my vision of virtual pastoring under a mystical religion. Contrary to the mythology of Western intellectual bias, this religion is intensely practical. It has to be; while anyone can absorb the teachings, the communion depends entirely … Continue reading

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Virtual Communion and Witness

It’s a favorite theme of mine: Don’t take yourself too seriously. We are all for the most part simply along for the ride in God’s revelation of Himself. In His measureless mercy and grace, He allows us to participate in … Continue reading

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