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More Than Anything Else

Did you know that most of what Jesus taught was already on record somewhere in rabbinical teaching? He really wasn’t much of an innovator in that sense. Rather, He was fighting a dominant trend among the Pharisees of His day … Continue reading

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Faith, Religion and Life

Faith is the soul’s response to a touch from God. Religion is the implementation of what faith demands. Our religion is called Radix Fidem. You’ll search in vain in our documents or on this blog for any kind of prescribed … Continue reading

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The Virtual Realm

A part of what we do here at Kiln of the Soul is aimed at helping you grasp the nature of virtual reality. Not as a feature of gaming, but as a different realm of reality that still affects us … Continue reading

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Virtual Missionaries

I am the elder. By way of reminder, I am the acting pastor of this virtual parish. Those two titles signify the current labels for the ancient offices of the Two Witnesses of God’s revelation, typically translated as king and … Continue reading

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A Virtual Religion

I perceive a need to better organize the religious purpose of my leadership ministry. Some of you are familiar with my static website. While this blog will remain my virtual office, the site will become the repository for a virtual … Continue reading

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