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Stay Close

I can’t easily put in words what I’m feeling right now. All I can say is cling to your faith right now, folks. Stand close to each other as much as you know how.

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Small Parts

Stuff is happening, but much of it is behind the scenes. We are in a time of winnowing on the blog here. Some of it isn’t voluntary, I suppose. I suspect the search engines aren’t entirely favorable to the content … Continue reading

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Ax in the Forest

The heart-led way is a lonely path. On the one hand, we are never actually alone because all of Creation is our friend. On the other hand, that in itself socially isolates us. The fault is with everyone else who … Continue reading

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Wiggle Those Fingers

Good things come to those that wait, Not to those who hesitate… (a line from “More Power To Ya” by Petra) How do you build on ancient ruins? You build with living stones. On the one hand, much of what … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep

Something is burning in my soul and it’s keeping me from taking a nap. For some twenty years I have been chasing down the dark alleys of my soul, trying to find out who God meant me to be. It’s … Continue reading

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Misguiding Spirits

What can you do with it? Keep in mind the fundamentals of moral logic. Stated more expansively, I’m asking that you make that conscious effort to defer to your convictions, written on your heart by the finger of God. Keep … Continue reading

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The Language of Heaven

In some circles, it is almost trite to say it: “Praise is the language spoken in Heaven.” That’s because it typically refers to some scripted exercise in emotional manipulation. Yet it remains true that a genuine moment of worship will … Continue reading

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