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OpenSUSE: No Sales Pitch

The average consumer gives precious little thought to the technology they use, beyond concerns with their own convenience. The only time they start caring about what’s going on behind the interface they experience is when failures impinge on their convenience. … Continue reading

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Catching Loose Ends

I’m not going to say they are all related, but a bunch of changes have presented themselves to me lately, things that demanded decisions. Somehow I sense the biggest is yet to come, so I’m trying to take care of … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 18.04 Hibernate and Suspend Fix

This tutorial assumes a limited familiarity with using Linux already. Most of this will be performed in a terminal emulator window. I recommend you maximize the window size and open two tabs or terminal windows for this. With one we … Continue reading

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Dell XPS: Upgrading Ubuntu

My Dell XPS 13 came with Ubuntu 16.04. That’s still valid and supported for a few more years yet. However, depending on the kind of work you do on that system, it’s often necessary to upgrade the OS to the … Continue reading

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Endorsement: Linux Migration Site

This is a gem: Easy Linux tips project. It’s a set of detailed yet simple instructions for migrating from Windows to Linux. You get to choose between several different Linux distributions all of which are the easiest to use and … Continue reading

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A Big Improve-mint

Before I get to the Bible lesson, I wanted to make note for my regular readers that Linux Mint is probably the better path to Linux. In particular, I’m going to recommend the 17.2 Release because it offers the most … Continue reading

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Kubuntu Guide 03

03 — Why Kubuntu? The name Linux isn’t actually a thing, but a kind of thing. The underlying code base is there for anyone to build as they like. What you can build with it can be tweaked for specialized … Continue reading

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