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It Outlives This World

Never get confused by the published rhetoric: Zionists have always planned to steal Palestine by any means necessary to get what they want. Lying to the Gentiles (everyone who isn’t Jewish) is just a part of the method. Zionists recognize … Continue reading

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Measured Distrust

While it can be debated that a high trust culture is at least partly a matter of DNA common to northern European societies, the only reason that matters is it helps to explain why so many Americans are gullible against … Continue reading

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Self-Reliance Requires Faith

Self-reliance on the human level does not conflict with faith in Christ. It takes a lot of faith to be self-reliant. The issue is that we know we cannot all be self-reliant in the same ways. Thus, we form a … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Trust

Maybe it’s my age, and it surely includes other factors in my life, but the only thing approaching an aphrodisiac for me is trust. It’s always been the paramount hunger in my world. I’ve become very wary of cuties because … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 18:1-6

Up to now in Matthew’s narrative, Peter often took the lead in things because he was the eldest of the Twelve, and apparently the largest physically. But Jesus had not yet designated who would hold what position in His future … Continue reading

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Can’t Hack God

In the middle of the night, I wake up to find my soul singing the praises of God. This is hardly some kind of ritual discipline; I can’t shut it off. This is the natural state of someone who has … Continue reading

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Psalm 141

The second in a short series of four psalms of David crying out to God from a bad situation, this one is rather unusual. It follows its own unique form with the psalmist seeking strength from temptation. You would normally … Continue reading

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Open Access: Walking the Talk

All truth is God’s truth. All data is God’s data. While God moves entirely outside our human frame of reference, particularly in terms of time and space, His hand will eventually crush those who try to lock up data from … Continue reading

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