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Current News Review 15

Here is a plausible study showing that the Corona virus was sourced here in the US. Rough outline: The genome of this virus has been traced back to the US. There are five branches of it and the root of … Continue reading

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America the Septic Tank

The fundamental nature of Satan’s deception is anything at all except the truth. Even half-truths are fine, so long as something essential is wrong with the narrative. I noted yesterday that the US government is just a front. We have … Continue reading

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Predatory Externalization

In the study of economics, we recognize the concept of externalization, wherein major actors in the economy will shift the costs and risks of their activities onto others. So, for example, air pollution shifts some of the costs of production … Continue reading

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Why the Quiet

I’m being quiet because there’s nothing to say right now. The reason there’s nothing to say is because I’m quite certain we have a major crisis on top of us. That doesn’t mean it’s locked on target, but if things … Continue reading

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Nothing Good from Any of It

The presidency of the US is already in some ways irrelevant to how we will live in America. Even before he took office, Trump made a deal with the neocon Zionists. Anything he’s said and done that may indicate otherwise … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends 08

My ISP is Cox Communications. Their big ticket is cable TV, but I generally hate TV and our air reception is fine where we live. A while back I wrote a letter to corporate and begged them to stop harassing … Continue reading

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This Is Not a Debate Forum

This blog has stood more than a decade. While I must confess my writing will show how I’ve changed my understanding of reality, one thing has not changed: This blog was never meant to change the world. It has always … Continue reading

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