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Deconstructing 05

A cosmopolitan society is inherently evil. It’s hard to imagine how folks who claim to follow the Scripture don’t get this message. It’s everywhere in the Bible, not least as the underlying assumption of how to live. Biblical Law requires … Continue reading

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Shape of the Threat

Back in 1977, I wrote a college paper with the thesis that humans under political organization can be prodded into doing some awful things. More specifically, you could travel across the US, polling each individual personally, and the vast majority … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: Framework

2. Framework In order to breathe life into your communion with Christ, you must start that long journey of conditioning your mind to think in a biblical frame of reference. Don’t plan on arriving at some destination; explore the territory … Continue reading

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The Apostles Were Not Perfect

There are three primary reasons why this Covenant of Radix Fidem cannot rest on my work alone. 1. The distance we must travel is too great for a single generation. It’s hard to fathom just how very far we are … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 12:13-21

Note: We are passing over a large amount of material duplicated in Matthew and Luke. There is nothing in this passage offering a hint to the legal status of the estate the man asked Jesus to arbitrate. The most common … Continue reading

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Moral Good is Multi-generational 01

Divine revelation is just another term for a living Creation, the person of reality. If you defy revelation, you defy reality itself, and it’s a personal failure. Reality will take it as a personal insult from you, but it affects … Continue reading

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Just Ranting about Stuff

I challenge you to search it out for yourself. Almost every mention in the Bible of justice and doing right boils down to protecting the members of society who are defenseless. It’s typically symbolized by the image of protecting orphans … Continue reading

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