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I Warned You

Some of you still don’t get it. Trump was never going to do anything that really mattered. I still claim he had a commission from God, but that he failed it, and he failed so completely that there will be … Continue reading

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No Covenant, No Covering

One more time: The Lord offers no covering or blessings on this earth outside of His covenants. Think through the implications of this. First, there is the matter of what those covenants say to us about our conduct. All of … Continue reading

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You Are Doing It Wrong

A little more social science… It is utterly impossible for a congregation of several hundred or more to worship together without squelching the blessings and opportunities of the majority of people there. I have run into this time and time … Continue reading

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Much to Unlearn

The Tower of Babel has manifested itself in more ways than you can imagine. It shows up in communism. Pete Seeger recorded the Internationale, which is blatantly anti-Christian. John Lennon admitted that his Imagine was a sugar-coated communist manifesto. It … Continue reading

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Terminology: “Getting People Saved”

This is tough to unwind. We’ve had a vast ocean of words that get us nowhere, while divine truth means reaching past mere words and human logic. The foundation of faith is your personal encounter with God. He calls and … Continue reading

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Stop Fighting Political Reality

This is a reminder and clarification. My main contention in discussing politics is that you cannot ignore racial differences except within a community that is: heart-led covenant feudal-tribal faith based Those are the parameters demanded in God’s Word. Nothing less … Continue reading

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For Those Unable to Think Subtly…

Offline comments suggest that some are incapable of reading between the lines, or reading into the context of this blog, on my previous post. Let me break it down for those of you who didn’t actually achieve a high school … Continue reading

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No Real Value to Us

We have allowed people who don’t love us to decide what words and terms we can use to discuss things they don’t want us to think about. This is how propaganda controls thoughts, and it’s evil. The hardest thing you’ll … Continue reading

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Covenants 01

On the one hand, the Lord called me to pickle myself in the intellectual background of the Ancient Near East (ANE) in order to understand His Word. On the other hand, I’m still supposed to share what I understand with … Continue reading

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Push-back Is Inevitable

Let’s review: Culture is not merely the meandering results of custom or habit. Much of it is comes from shared DNA. The Anglo-American culture arises from a genetic background that includes a high social trust factor. Anglo-American people have a … Continue reading

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