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Teachings of Jesus — John 11:1-46

This could easily be one of the most difficult lessons to understand. The ancient Hebrew people did not have a theology, per se. They had the Covenant of Moses which said very little about theology. Moses clearly believed in a … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice — Odds and Ends

(This is the last in the series before I turn it into a book. You can always ask questions anytime, but if you want any additional issues covered in the book, you need to shoot me the questions in the … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Eschatology

This is a big can of worms. There is such a load of manure out there and it needs to be buried and composted where it will do some good. I’m not going to bother listing all the crazy theories, … Continue reading

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Admin: Theology and Practice Compilation

The Theology and Practice series is not complete. I’m convinced that there are yet a few more questions lurking out there, so I’m not going to turn it into a book yet. However, what we have covered so far is … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Heart Led

This becomes a point of theology simply because Western Christians ignore it, or are hostile to it. The essence of the Fall was choosing human reason over faith. Human reason and intellect is inherently hostile to genuine faith. To then … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice: Evangelism

We seek and keep shalom. We live by the Covenant and shalom is the whole point. It’s more than just the blessings granted to obedience; it is obedience itself. Biblical Law is its own reward. It is harmony with reality. … Continue reading

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Project: Theological Topics

Ask questions, because I can’t possibly think of everything by myself. I sense the leading of the Lord to address some of the major theological topics commonly discussed among Western Christians. Look for titles that start with “Theology and Practice.” … Continue reading

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Yet Another Discussion of Law and Grace

My religion is Christian Mysticism. I’m sure you’ll associate all kinds of ideas with that, and most of them will be wrong, but it’s the closest I can get for you, because I am not part of the mainstream. That’s … Continue reading

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Faking It

I’m not essential to Radix Fidem; I’m just the guy who kicked the door open so everyone else could find out what’s been hidden from them for ages. Over and over again, folks, you are the apostles and missionaries and … Continue reading

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Many Are Called; Few Respond

We cannot know what Adam and Eve knew when they ate the Forbidden Fruit. We do get the feeling they were led astray, which is what we would expect. Satan came to them as a powerful archangel and they respected … Continue reading

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