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Moral Battlefield

The last thing I want to do is convince you of the things we teach here at Kiln of the Soul. Every time I sit down at a computer to write, there is a constant refrain of warning to keep … Continue reading

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Demonology 01

Our study in the gifts of the Spirit is a necessary foundation for dealing with another challenging topic: demonology. More specifically, your gifts and calling will determine to a large degree how you encounter demons and how you handle them. … Continue reading

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The Power of Sacrifice

We do not take this world seriously. We take seriously our mission in this world to help people see the primacy of the Spirit Realm. What really matters in this world is whatever expresses the Ultimate Reality of the Spirit … Continue reading

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Another Milestone

The currency of the Spirit Realm is voluntary sacrifice of the flesh. By implication, it means rejecting this entire Fallen Realm as untrustworthy. It’s one thing to know all about this world and the mechanics; it’s another thing entirely to … Continue reading

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