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No Place for Horror

As a fiction genre, heart-led people have no use for genuine horror stories and flicks. The campy silly stuff is entertaining enough, but genuine horror fiction is founded on a pagan fear of the unknown, and is wholly inconsistent with … Continue reading

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Theology and Practice — Divine Sovereignty

No sooner do I announce an intermission and I get a very good question. The doctrine of Divine Sovereignty includes several related theological controversies, most notably predestination. The problem is that most of what is out there rests on some … Continue reading

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God Wins

The tension is so thick you could cut it with a saw. That is, if you pay too much attention to the various commentators on the Net. So Comey warned Congress that Weiner’s email collection might force the investigation back … Continue reading

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Bank On It

Deutsche Bank (DB) has been in the news recently. To summarize, it’s about the biggest banking outfit in Germany and operates in several other countries. This bank is struggling with keeping enough cash flow to serve all their various legal … Continue reading

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Sovereignty: Walk the Talk

The pastor should walk in his own message. The sovereignty of God can express itself in small ways, too. If you believe God is in charge of major world events and the confused, swirling currents of human politics, it’s no … Continue reading

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