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You Know the Drill

This is not so difficult to understand; all I’m doing is voicing what most of you already know. If you’ve read much history at all, you know that Western Civilization is the result of Germanic tribal hordes conquering the last … Continue reading

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Variable Time

Spiritual truth defies precise description. The only proper language for it is indicative language: characterizing, symbolism, parable. God Himself views all of human history as spread out before Him and nothing hinders His hand from adjusting anything anywhere or anywhen. … Continue reading

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That Big, Stinking Perversion

This is the story I tell; it works for me. If Satan can get us to chase anything at all except our personal commitment to Jesus Christ, he wins. If he can twist our thinking about who Jesus is and … Continue reading

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The Limits of Cause and Effect

This is easily the single biggest issue, a mental reflex that requires long conscious reflection to overcome. We are taught from birth to seek a cause-and-effect relationship in all things. Only if we get a really good education can we … Continue reading

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