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Yanking the Covers Off

Another dose of my madness… Let’s imagine that Israel is granted all she demands from the world at large. We’ve already seen historically that she is a bottomless pit. No matter what anyone or everyone agrees to, there’s always something … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if some noise made by big names in Christian religion doesn’t represent controlled opposition. Let’s back up and look at the wider context. I may be crazy, but I’m consistent with the logic I promote. I’ve warned … Continue reading

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Trump Will (Accidentally) Destroy Israel

I’ve said that The Cult thrives on tension. You might imagine that some day it would hope to actually take over the world, but that’s not how it works. Since The Cult is a demonic presence so the whole purpose … Continue reading

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The Greatest Threat Is Always Inside

The single greatest threat to Americans is the CIA. This is a difficult subject because it’s so tightly woven into the very fabric of human existence. On the one hand, spying is essential to human government in our fallen world. … Continue reading

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Different Oven, Same Poisonous Bread

Beware the leaven of the neocons (Matthew 16:5-12). If there is any discernible human agency that concretely manifests The Cult: It’s the neocons in the US. You can learn the philosophical background by researching Leo Strauss. You’ll notice right away … Continue reading

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Bank On It

Deutsche Bank (DB) has been in the news recently. To summarize, it’s about the biggest banking outfit in Germany and operates in several other countries. This bank is struggling with keeping enough cash flow to serve all their various legal … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Gospel Missions

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. No matter where you touch the living truth, it always leads to other things. The Western tendency to make thinking discrete and linear, with binary logic, is a major hurdle to overcome … Continue reading

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