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Mass Surveillance Is Pointless

Why do I say that surveillance doesn’t matter? We are Christian Mystics, not criminals seeking to do the works of darkness. While we announce God’s wrath, we make no organized effort to motivate anyone to help that wrath along. We … Continue reading

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Human Politics 04

So what is our threat environment? It’s not enough to note that the globalists are running the show, very nearly on the verge of completely hijacking the federal government. Doing so won’t do them much good; the moment they seize … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Them Manipulate You

While the story is a little breathless and overstated, the substance is accurate enough: Avast and AVG antivirus products are tracking you and selling your data. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to prevent “unmasking” the individuals within this data flow. … Continue reading

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Virtual Guardians

Must we dig into the self-evident fact that corporations and marketers are greedy and generally willing to do anything to take your money? While particular individuals might own up to certain ethical barriers, you don’t get an MBA without absorbing … Continue reading

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Robocall Abuse

Until recently I owned a mobile home. That means you pay county taxes and your name shows up on the public records. A handful for asshole operations troll those records for names and numbers of people who would never call … Continue reading

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Browser Extensions that Steal Your Privacy

Some browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox allow outside parties to track you indirectly. The extensions themselves are passing this information without informing you properly. Yes, they obey some obscure rules, but how many uses know those rules and … Continue reading

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Be Not Dismayed

Do not fear; for I am with you; be not dismayed; for I am your God. I will make you strong; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness. (Isaiah 41:10 … Continue reading

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Adblocking: I’ll Take That Risk

Let me reiterate a point from yesterday’s post “Virtual Resistance” — the network is content neutral. The neutrality ends with the receiving party. Recall my persistent reference to World of Ends. Things have not changed since Doc Searles and David … Continue reading

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Morality and Privacy

There is no mind so strong against manipulation as the mind which does not stand in its own strength, but is a second-class faculty that serves the heart. One of the things I pray for daily is a better moral … Continue reading

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