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Hank Hanegraaff and Orthodoxy

I find this interesting. There’s a lot of parallel between Hanegraaff’s experience and my own. One of Hanegraaff’s books helped me deal with the craziness of Charismatics. Aside from Charismatics being all over the map on doctrine, he gave me … Continue reading

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On Divine Feminine Nature

There’s a lot of noise about whether God has a feminine side. It came up again in some offline discussion around here and my thoughts are noncommittal. First, there is some ambivalence about how the ancients approached this question. There … Continue reading

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One More Time: Epistemology Matters

Somehow I’ve got to find a clear and forceful statement to counter the evil intellectual slavery of minds practiced by Western churches. First, the bluntly stated thesis: If you do not seek to acquire the Hebrew intellectual understanding of reality, … Continue reading

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I’m Not Moses

There is a sharp division between my ministry and teaching versus that of mainstream Western Christianity, but I’m not at war with it. I’ve abandoned the practice of hanging around their organizations and meeting places. Naturally, quite a few are … Continue reading

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