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Accountability 02

What did that innocent lamb ever do to you? The Lord set the pattern in the Garden after the Fall. In reading the narrative, you are supposed to understand that something about this whole thing required blood shed. That’s the … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 16:13-28

The underlying theme that ties this whole passage together is getting a proper image of Jesus inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s too easy to forget this all takes place in the context of Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) culture. A … Continue reading

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Mysticism Needs No Defense

Mysticism is the only way you can hear God. Symbolism — also referred to as parable, or parabolic language — is the language of conviction, faith, and of the heart. That’s how God designed it. We refer to “the world” … Continue reading

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Job 27

We could wish for better translations of Job into English. The underlying sarcasm and wit are not easily translated across the centuries, miles and cultural distance. Having been pushed relentlessly by the idiotic arguments of his erstwhile friends, having bounced … Continue reading

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Flavors of Reason

Western reasoning gets in the way of everything, even in ways we don’t realize. We can be smart enough to recognize when something needs only concrete logic. If you drop a rock on your foot, it will hurt; if you … Continue reading

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