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03 Come and See

Your true will longs for something better than what society offers. The effect of moving your conscious awareness into the Spirit Realm means pulling your head along behind into a different space of moral discernment. You realize that the moral … Continue reading

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Perception Reborn

What would we need to say about building a Christian culture? First and foremost, our only reason for living on this earth is to bring glory to God, specifically to the name of Jesus Christ. To put a finer point … Continue reading

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God Is Hiring Prophets

The virtual world knows no borders; you are either online or not. Our parish ministry here reaches out to everyone who engages the virtual world. Somewhere in the mixture of things I try to make sure people see through my … Continue reading

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We Are Not of This World

We are trans-dimensional creatures. The third pillar of Christian Mysticism is disentanglement — don’t let the context own you. Instead, discern how God owns it and you are His feudal servant, executing His judgment on your dominion. Your primary concern … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste It

We could comment prophetically on the scene around us. For example, the Civil Rights Movement — it’s not as if there were no real problems there, but they were never solved. Instead, new problems were introduced because, whatever it was … Continue reading

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Misguiding Spirits

What can you do with it? Keep in mind the fundamentals of moral logic. Stated more expansively, I’m asking that you make that conscious effort to defer to your convictions, written on your heart by the finger of God. Keep … Continue reading

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My Father’s World, Part 6

We must live in the Land Without Words. In our English translations of the Bible, we have this expression: “someone’s word.” It shows up in our phrase, “the Word of God.” Our culture offers no good translation of the Hebrew … Continue reading

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