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Own the Solutions

As the billionaires flex their power to censor the Internet, our strategy is two-fold. First is the issue of technology. They can hinder the masses, but they can’t stop everyone. More precisely, the cost of blocking the masses is relatively … Continue reading

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We Are Pioneers

Let’s be clear: In the Bible, Law is Law. The proper approach to Law is the Hebrew mystical traditions of seeing through the particulars as limited expressions of something deeper and more substantive. The whole idea is to inspire awe … Continue reading

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Covenant Manhood 02

You have to understand that, when you walk a heart-led life in full faith, Creation itself knows who you are, and will welcome you with open arms wherever you go. Your obedience to Biblical Law literally changes reality. Perhaps most … Continue reading

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Locking the Treasury

Something that I find deeply troubling is how most mainstream churches in the US still operate as entertainment — some more blatantly than others. When you watch the problems of their leadership, it’s loaded with all of the exact same … Continue reading

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Moral Logic: Human Need

Biblical moral reasoning proceeds from the heart, not the head. We live to reflect the glory of our Creator back at Him. Broadly speaking, human conduct glorifies Him by adhering to His revelation, both in the doing and in reaping … Continue reading

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Hidden But Not Secret

We are not a secret society, but a mystery society. That is, if we use common English translations of the Bible to guide our terminology, then what we promote is a mystery difficult for outsiders to grasp. It is certainly … Continue reading

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Racism Nonsense

Racism is an excuse. It’s an excuse for both parties to avoid the work God has called us to do. Fundamentals, first: We were created with a fundamentally spiritual orientation. In Eden, we traded that for reason and it wasn’t … Continue reading

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