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Understanding Spiritual Gifts PDF

Here’s the link to the PDF file combining all the parts to my study in Understanding Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts. As a side not to my regulars: I had to ditch WordPerfect Office. After all these years, there are still … Continue reading

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Demonology 01

Our study in the gifts of the Spirit is a necessary foundation for dealing with another challenging topic: demonology. More specifically, your gifts and calling will determine to a large degree how you encounter demons and how you handle them. … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 05

4. For Building Up the Body Several times in 1 Corinthians 12 Paul stresses that the purpose of spiritual gifts is to bless the whole community of faith as a single body. In Ephesians 4, the chapter begins with an … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 04

3. Manifestations These gifts are: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, word of faith, healing, miracles, word of prophecy, word of discernment, glossolalia, and interpretation of tongues. These are ecstatic utterances of the mouth accompanying various miraculous effects in others. … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 03

2. Motivations (Romans 12:3-17) This is another open list, but we can’t discern any additions until we understand well enough what Paul delineates here. The list of temperaments could be translated as prophetic, servant, teacher, encourager, giver, elder, and caregiver. … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 02

Ministries (1 Corinthians 12:27-31) Paul lists them as apostles, prophets, teachers, miracle workers, healers, support, management and communicators. While Paul enumerates them, it’s unlikely this list is closed. Rather, it likely reflects the way things were done in Paul’s experience. … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 01

I’m not sure where this teaching arose, but I first encountered it in the mid-1980s while testing the waters with a charismatic church. The experimental church fell apart, but I learned an awful lot about the mythology of neo-pentecostalism. If … Continue reading

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Boxing Day 2018

I will admit that in times past I prayed that God would call me as prophet and grant me the gift of prophetic insight. Some part of me regrets that deeply, because it has become a big pain in the … Continue reading

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AI: More of the Wrong Truth

This is Part Two of AI: The Wrong Truth. You can’t trust AI because you can’t program human existence. We can’t just leave things where they are in this world and insulate ourselves from Western females entirely, guys. There is … Continue reading

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Glossolalia and Such

This tends to be a sticky issue because too many people take themselves too seriously. As a consequence, they take their positions on things too seriously, and get mightily offended if your position is different. I’ve had considerable experience working … Continue reading

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