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Avoid Bleachbit

I had a lovely long bike ride today and pictures. I was processing them on my Vista laptop, and Bleachbit activated itself out of nowhere and deleted my entire photography collection. All of them. Every. Last. One. It doesn’t just … Continue reading

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Virtual War 2

It’s the nature of our shared faith. On the one hand, our heart-led path is very narrow, steep and rough. Precious few are those who walk with us. On the other hand, we so desperately need each other because no … Continue reading

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Admin: Technical Issues with Kiln blog

Our pulpit blog at Kiln of the Soul is suffering a technical glitch. I’ve been chatting with our host there and it will require his expert care to intervene directly. Let’s avoid the Kiln blog for now; you might not … Continue reading

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Within Reach

Spammers never learn. Every day in my blog comments here I get at least one spam comment for some facial serum sold on Amazon, sometimes two or three times. I also get at least once each week something telling me … Continue reading

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Installing Linux Mint (Updated)

This is not a thorough and detailed explanation. Maybe I’ll write that book in the near future, but I wanted to offer a quick outline of things you should expect should you decide to sample Mint. Download your choice of … Continue reading

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Desktop CompSec Update (End of 2015)

You have to understand that computer security (CompSec) is a moving target. Every day something new appears to threaten our control over our systems and our sanity. As always, we need to keep in mind that the primary issue is … Continue reading

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Browser Extensions that Steal Your Privacy

Some browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox allow outside parties to track you indirectly. The extensions themselves are passing this information without informing you properly. Yes, they obey some obscure rules, but how many uses know those rules and … Continue reading

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