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Google Blocking uBlock Origin

I’m surprised this didn’t happen earlier. We all know that Google is primarily an advertising company. They’ve been borging all the online advertising business since they began, and now that they control virtually every ad on the Internet, they have … Continue reading

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Nobody Is Tempted to Serve

For those of us who live heart-led, it’s not too hard to untangle the mess. This figure tells a story that is no way surprising to anyone who has worked on software projects before: demand for fixes and features is … Continue reading

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Technological Spite

Let me be the first to encourage you to stay away from computers. I write that in a post on a blog many know to cover a lot of computer technology stuff. It’s not a bad hobby, so long as … Continue reading

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Perceptual Surgery

Ref: Genesis 3:24; 2 Timothy 2:15 and Hebrews 4:12 Self-regard is one edge of the sword. I don’t take myself seriously in part because I don’t take fallen humanity seriously. Cynicism is a sword that works best when it cuts … Continue reading

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Backporting Your Assumptions

In software development lingo, “backporting” is making adjustments in software code so that it works on some older OS. Software development typically takes place using the latest and greatest software environment. Backporting often means rewriting the code so that it … Continue reading

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You’re Supposed to…

Context: Yes, I use Linux and Open Source stuff and I like it. Generally I prefer it; I hate the entire claptrap of corporate greed and materialism. However, that doesn’t mean Open Source development brings us to computing nirvana. Quite … Continue reading

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Mission Technology and Technology Mission

In terms of our meat space activity, the mission always comes first. Nobody said you can’t have hobbies and entertainment, but you must evaluate them as to whether they hinder the mission. No one ever really grows up to the … Continue reading

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