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Society Is Not My Problem

I love people; I don’t care about society. Yes, I understand the part that civilization plays in this world. It’s closely related to the word “civility” — a system of customary behavior that allows people to live together in close … Continue reading

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My Prayer for the USA

The will of the people is not sacred. Why else would Scripture give us the story of the Fall? Humans can be manipulated to desire things against their own best interest. Any government theory that rests on a popular vote … Continue reading

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The Human Tribal Soul

Every human in the world has a sense of tribal identity. During times of difficulty, tribes will always arise. It is not evil; it is human nature. God says we have to learn how to deal with it as a … Continue reading

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Refuse to Play 2

This should be short; for some of you it may even be sweet. I’ll try to avoid propaganda terms and stick with moral truth: Everything we discuss has to stand before God, which is the same as saying it has … Continue reading

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Not Just a Spectator

This thing is a global disruption. It’s an established principle of economics. The model is flexible, but it works like this: You have a company that produces something that people want and need, and the owners manage to invest in … Continue reading

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Sexual Identity and the Big Picture

The Curse in Genesis 3 is universal, covering the entire expanse of human concerns because it binds the whole universe. If nothing else, we know that time-space limitations affect only the fallen plane of existence. We were not designed for … Continue reading

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Quantum Empathy

This is just a side note, not part of the current series on sexual identity. Recall that the term “quantum” refers to the smallest possible increment of something. In science and technology it refers to working on things at the … Continue reading

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Network Civ: Games and Game

It doesn’t matter what you believe is morally right if you aren’t using it as the power to face reality. Your moral understanding has to account for reality in the first place. I agree with Dr. Helen’s analysis, as far … Continue reading

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A Little More on Gamergate

The Elder reminds you: Holiness is voluntary. Our society completely lacks a moral frame of reference consistent with God’s character. Our best is way off on another planet by comparison, so I don’t take seriously anyone’s moral posturing on any … Continue reading

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The OpSec Mind

The failure of OpSec will always be a moral weakness. We live in an age when even the most mundane human activity can come under attack. Treat your very existence as a mission. Operational Security starts in your soul. Not … Continue reading

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