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Current News Review 14

Instead of picking out individual stories to link here, let me just share a few reactions to the vast horde of lies being pumped out into the public awareness. There is a sort of pincer action on the Corona virus … Continue reading

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Time for a Breakup

The human instinct for tribalism is burned into our DNA; it is written into the very fabric of reality. So is the instinct for eastern feudal structure. However much we may feel moved to rebel against those in authority, we … Continue reading

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Lenin, Globalism and Babylon

This is worth your time: Leninthink. I won’t tell you that this essay is right or wrong, but that will enlighten heart-led people. It puts in concrete terms what Lenin actually did. He was the ultimate Thelamite, the very real … Continue reading

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Current News Review 06

Another idiotic professor opens his mouth. The only reasonable response to such people is obvious: If you don’t like supporting rural people, stop eating farm-raised food. Stop using any resources harvested from rural areas. Stop visiting wilderness parks. All of … Continue reading

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A Prophetic Warning about Violence and Wrath

This is hard for me to write because I know most of you who read this will reject the message. I can’t help that; I must be faithful and obedient to my convictions, for they are the voice of God … Continue reading

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Trends, Not Predictions

This is not meant to predict the future, but to point out the current drift. Things have changed a lot in the past year, and will likely keep changing. I once predicted that Microsoft would jump the shark and could … Continue reading

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Updating the Political Outlook for 2019

Marxists always bring bloodshed. They already know that they will face resistance, and that armed force is necessary to bring about their revolution. They will use any number of false fronts to get things as far as possible before unveiling … Continue reading

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