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Exchanging One Lie for Another

I struggle with trying to expose this thing. Western mythology has this thing about false heroism. That is, we have the myth of the Great Man as someone who does things that are risky and exciting in pursuit of some … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Utopian Madness

Excerpt — We saw it coming. Just to remind you, several of you agreed with me that we could all sense a shift in reality, that God changed His plans for us. Because there were a number of us who … Continue reading

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We Are Not in the Clear

(Passing note: Today marks eight years on this blog.) I am familiar with the so-called right-wing conservative Christian segment of America’s population. My familiarity is due to coming out of that. As with every existing subculture, there is good and … Continue reading

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Just Speculation

So you probably have already seen a lot of speculative press on what to expect from a Trump presidency. I wouldn’t bet on much of it, particularly the policy stuff. It will change some, but it remains to be seen … Continue reading

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Potty Mouth

Our society’s obsession with cursing and foul language shows up as both a prissy objection to it, as well as a rejection of that standard by free use of such language. Yet even those who approve of cursing get tired … Continue reading

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Don’t Surrender Your Kids

It’s all finger-pointing and blame-shifting. The teachers complain that parents don’t know how to raise well-behaved children. Parents say the teachers spend more time with their kids than they do at home, which makes the teachers the dominant influence in … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: A Bit of Cultural Mythology

Brother Ed is a dirt-grubbing peasant. That’s my social background. Not blue-collar, but brown-collar, at best. Yes, I managed to get a really great education, because I went to college back in the days when state and federal government was … Continue reading

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