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Kiln blog: Utopian Madness

Excerpt — We saw it coming. Just to remind you, several of you agreed with me that we could all sense a shift in reality, that God changed His plans for us. Because there were a number of us who … Continue reading

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We Are Not in the Clear

(Passing note: Today marks eight years on this blog.) I am familiar with the so-called right-wing conservative Christian segment of America’s population. My familiarity is due to coming out of that. As with every existing subculture, there is good and … Continue reading

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Just Speculation

So you probably have already seen a lot of speculative press on what to expect from a Trump presidency. I wouldn’t bet on much of it, particularly the policy stuff. It will change some, but it remains to be seen … Continue reading

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Potty Mouth

Our society’s obsession with cursing and foul language shows up as both a prissy objection to it, as well as a rejection of that standard by free use of such language. Yet even those who approve of cursing get tired … Continue reading

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Don’t Surrender Your Kids

It’s all finger-pointing and blame-shifting. The teachers complain that parents don’t know how to raise well-behaved children. Parents say the teachers spend more time with their kids than they do at home, which makes the teachers the dominant influence in … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: A Bit of Cultural Mythology

Brother Ed is a dirt-grubbing peasant. That’s my social background. Not blue-collar, but brown-collar, at best. Yes, I managed to get a really great education, because I went to college back in the days when state and federal government was … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Ritual Abuse

(Re-blogged in whole because it’s short.) When you claim it’s your religion to increase human suffering, it’s a demonic cult. I’m not going to engage here in a long-winded analysis of the whole thing, but it was a fresh wound … Continue reading

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