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Extrapolating Current Trends for 2021

Just an amateur analysis, a little more of my social sciences hobby, with the voices in my head… There is already some limited warfare between the left and right on the street level. People are getting beaten, stabbed, shot and … Continue reading

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Funeral for the Red Pill

I’m hardly the only person to notice that, for those coming of age for marriage, America has become a social toxic wasteland. It’s bad enough that America is Western, with all the serious problems that can bring. Still, within that … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change

I’m taking a break in the photo scanning exercise for a more substantial reminiscence. Military service outside of the US takes people out of their comfort zone. I’ve often noted how getting people away from their familiar settings tends to … Continue reading

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Proverbs 25

We have already seen how the unnamed final editor of this volume never saw fit to reduce duplication, but faithfully pieced together several collections as they were. 1. These are also proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah king … Continue reading

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The Essential Trust Factor

He said, “You don’t know me from Adam, but here you are out at this time of night, loaning me tools and you don’t know if you’ll see ’em again.” Unspoken was the obvious factor that he was black and … Continue reading

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Manhood: This Is Mine

I own it. You will own yours, guys, or it won’t be manhood; it’ll be something else. The foundation is the Hebrew Shepherd image of manhood, the sense of calling and dominion, plus the awareness of divine justice via your … Continue reading

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Pastoral Note on Mission and Tribulation

For those of you who regard yourselves as members of this virtual parish: There will be — must be — a meat space component to this ministry sooner or later. It is the one career for which I am best … Continue reading

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I’m Tech Support

This is an exercise in mirror reading. There is no social group for me. I’m an alien in virtually every human context, in part because I am “not of this world” (Romans 12:2) — Even among my fellow Christians, I … Continue reading

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