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The Three Satanic Pillars

Let me offer a little more explanation, based on some questions I’ve received on this topic. I just made up that term. In the past I’ve used the Trinity of Temptations. In that PDF document, I connect the Bible passages: … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbors by the Word

This is a matter of Biblical Covenant. In typical Israeli parlance, “neighbor” meant your fellow Israeli. It was a covenant term in the Hebrew language, arising from the ancient assumption that you lived in proximity to your closest relatives. The … Continue reading

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Only Your Convictions Know the Answer

How are we to pursue holiness in this hideous world? Only your convictions know. We passed the tipping point a long time ago, and that tipping point has thrust upward into a vast mountain. The gulf between our society and … Continue reading

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It’s All Evil Unless…

There is only one path to peace with God, and that’s His Son Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. He is the personified revelation of God for living in this fallen world. He is a Person, not a mere proposition. … Continue reading

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Shining His Light into Every Corner

All sin must come to light. A critical element in our speaking and living the gospel message is how it exposes sin. Think about it: In our weakness and dependence on the Holy Spirit, through all of our failures, our … Continue reading

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The Real “Sacred Heart”

We have established that teaching Biblical Law always includes the heart-led way of faith in your convictions-as-the-voice-of-God. It’s about God’s Law as a reflection of God Himself, the means by which we get to know Him. But we also know … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: The Fall and Consequences

2. The Fall and Consequences We weren’t designed for this world, as it now exists. The Bible refers to our fallen condition as the Curse. Creation itself, in particular the natural world around us, is not fallen, but we are. … Continue reading

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Parable of the Bridge

He stood on the road, surveying the damage. Somewhere upland from here the flooding had pushed something in place that blocked its original course, and the overflow had run across his land. It carved out a massive channel that left … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 16:1-13

Jesus is still answering the objection of the scribes and Pharisees to His rehabilitation of sinners. The Jewish leaders were missing the point of the rituals. They failed to understand that the rituals served as symbolic reminders of our fallen … Continue reading

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Biblical Law Is Organic

It’s alive; it is the Person of Jesus Christ. Westerners struggle with any use of “law” in the context of the Bible. Automatically the Western mind imposes the image of law as objective truth, when there simply is no such … Continue reading

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