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The Party of Holy Cynicism

When the Devil quotes Scripture, it has always been taken out of context. Satan is careful to interpret the Word correctly, but applies it to the wrong situation. In the case of the Temptations in the Wilderness, everything Satan said … Continue reading

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The Voice of God

The foundation for understanding reality is the Word of God. The root nature of the Fall is trusting human perception and reason versus divine revelation. Human perception and reason is tainted by space-time awareness, among other things, so the long … Continue reading

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Commonplace Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is an affliction of degree, not of kind. Every human is born with multiple personalities, typically in the form of personas. This is the norm. We have to be different people to the various folks we encounter in life; … Continue reading

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When Nothing Else Works

It’s not for everyone. Perhaps it’s a good time to remind ourselves that Radix Fidem is not meant to be universal, something that represents the one true path of faith for the whole human race. Honestly, it’s quite the opposite. … Continue reading

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A Dearth of Sanity and Trust

Ostensibly, we pay attention to things on at least three different levels. First is the ambient culture in which we live; we can’t escape it completely and being aware of its foibles is necessary if we are to have a … Continue reading

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Nightmares and Dreams

The bankers dream of a world where most everyone is dehumanized. They envision a world mostly impoverished and willing to serve in activities that allow the bankers to maintain their control. They know that for every trooper in the field, … Continue reading

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The Nature of Nationalism

This is another get-to-know-me. God reveals Himself as an Eastern feudal lord. That’s the best way to understand how He reigns over His Creation. It’s a personal feudal relationship. If you understand that at all, you understand a primary need … Continue reading

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