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Not the Last Tower of Babel

Just a point of clarification, and a reminder: the globalists are not all one thing. It’s an idolatrous cult, but not everyone is serving purposefully in the same temple, as a single cult. Rather, it’s an idolatry that’s as old … Continue reading

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Tribulation: Just the Warm-up So Far

If you were to spend some time reading and analyzing the royal and imperial records associated with Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) rulers, you would begin to see a pattern emerge. The level of wisdom these men held is seldom matched … Continue reading

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All That Really Matters

I can recommend Brandon Smith’s Alt-Market site with some reservation. He has his facts all in order, and can explain what’s happening around us better than most you might read. Where I diverge from his narrative is the point of … Continue reading

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Don’t Join the Herd

This isn’t really new, but it is a very eloquent explanation of what we always knew. In essence, the cross contamination between government and Big Tech is painfully obvious. Moreover, we have a clear declaration that the whole objective of … Continue reading

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Using Their Weapons Against Them

The author of this blog remains primarily an advocate for Christian Mysticism. However, this blog is no longer dedicated to that message. Instead, I write here mostly about the means of that message — the technology of the Internet. I … Continue reading

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Fear Not Great Evil

There are no masterminds. The people with power over us are not somehow gifted with brilliance and intelligence significantly above the rest of us. What distinguishes them is a serious lack of moral wisdom. They are damaged people, not supermen. … Continue reading

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Eyes of the Soul

See this clearly: The destruction is wholly intentional. America is coming apart and a handful of people expect to profit greatly from that. Their daily existence is a prayer to Abaddon and Mammon for mass hysteria and the attendant slaughter. … Continue reading

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Moral Clarity, Befuddled Reason

This will sound at first like I’m wandering, so buckle your seatbelts. A significant portion of the global elite have made a religion of melding mind and computer. You’ll run across the term “singularity” most often in this context, where … Continue reading

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Not a “Conspiracy”

There has always been a ruling elite, people who regarded themselves above the common folks. Fasten your seat belts, because in order to keep this short, I have to make broad sweeping generalizations. Perhaps you are aware that the term … Continue reading

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Just Thinking — Or Not

This is your chance to get to know me a little better. I share what follows as a consequence of my divine calling, but this is not central to my message. While there are prophetic elements, I’ll note carefully when … Continue reading

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