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Chains as Weapons

This is a little long because I want to draw out all the implications, to ensure no one can miss what I’m saying. The USA is under God’s wrath. It will be destroyed very soon. Preserving and protecting the US … Continue reading

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We Are Terrorists

Here’s what I actually believe about the vaccine push: It has very little to do with what the vaccine might do to us, and everything to do with a wealth transfer and government power. Big Pharma has long been a … Continue reading

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Pray and Resist

Instead of writing a bunch of stuff today, I’m going to recommend this video where a doctor is explaining another angle of the threat from the current vaccine research. This is getting much closer to the Mark of the Beast. … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Radix Fidem 02

What’s the strategy? Let’s get this out of the way: Violence is not a sin. Would you protect defenseless members of your family from a rapist? That’s no different from the mandate God gave each of us to defend from … Continue reading

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The Lord Is with You

An important part of my mission is to strengthen the hand of those who would resist the coup against the people of America, the rightful government of the US. It doesn’t matter what level of resistance people feel led to … Continue reading

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Resistance and Dissent is Life

Let’s be clear: It is utterly impossible to unite the American people. You can theorize and postulate ideals all you want, but the union has long been dissolved in the hearts and minds of the people. It’s not just two … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Energy

If you pay any attention at all to the mainstream media, you have already seen the endless pitches to comply with government orders. Not just grudgingly, but the appeals are aimed at making you grateful for the controls. On the … Continue reading

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No Quarantine on Tyranny

I’ve seen this before several times. You can read about it in FEMA’s training courses: Quarantines are merciless. They are never sensible, never fair, never based on good medical science; they are always oppressive and hateful. Now that there is … Continue reading

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Using Their Weapons Against Them

The author of this blog remains primarily an advocate for Christian Mysticism. However, this blog is no longer dedicated to that message. Instead, I write here mostly about the means of that message — the technology of the Internet. I … Continue reading

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Google: A New Form of Oppression

I suppose we can agree that Project Veritas is no different from the mainstream press in one sense: sensationalism sells. Any video can be edited to make an impression that is not inherent in the process they video-taped in the … Continue reading

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