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Accountability 02

What did that innocent lamb ever do to you? The Lord set the pattern in the Garden after the Fall. In reading the narrative, you are supposed to understand that something about this whole thing required blood shed. That’s the … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 13:18-30

This lesson will be different. Harmonizing the Gospels has always been a major chore and fraught with controversies. The Last Supper narrative is part of the most thoroughly picked over portion of the story. There remains much controversy and many … Continue reading

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Nothing New

I don’t have any revelations from God. All I have is this weird sense of waiting. So the wedding last night went off well enough. The State of Oklahoma makes us clergy folk the custodians of the marriage license once … Continue reading

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A Smidgen of Creativity

For a Christian Mystic, ritual is never more than mere symbolism. Sometimes it helps keep the doors of our souls open to offer a fresh restatement of divine intent. This is what I propose to offer as the final words … Continue reading

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On Rituals

Our brains need help. We have a really tough time visualizing and organizing spiritual imperatives, and established rituals can save us some heartache. Rituals are symbolic acts; they are parables of action. By themselves, they mean nothing. God prescribed ritual … Continue reading

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