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Kiln blog: On Paedophilia

Another prophetic message; excerpt… Paedophilia is contained in Western Civilization. It starts and ends with the peculiar mythology of Western values. Take away the peculiarities of Western thinking and it’s not a significant issue. Have you noticed that the Bible … Continue reading

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Let’s recall something very important: In Christ we live the paradox of having on the one hand a command to commune with others because it’s the nature of our communion with God. To be one with the Father is to … Continue reading

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What’s Going On 04

No ride today. It’s not just the cold front and high winds, but I’ve got too much to do. That is, there is a pile of stuff I really want to read, and I’m way behind on updating my commentary … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste It

We could comment prophetically on the scene around us. For example, the Civil Rights Movement — it’s not as if there were no real problems there, but they were never solved. Instead, new problems were introduced because, whatever it was … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Tell Them You Love Me

Mysticism presumes that what really matters is beyond words. We cannot possibly transmit truth, but we can fellowship in our shared truth via human communications. That requires a certain shared contextual language and culture. Our context militates against mysticism, but … Continue reading

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Reviewing Darkness 03

We teach that the essence of the Fall is usurping the authority of the heart by placing reason on the throne of the soul. God does not commune with our intellects, but with our hearts. He writes His revelation there … Continue reading

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My Father’s World, Part 5

Aside from Acts and Paul’s letters, we know very little about early spiritual gifts. In Corinth it’s all about glossolalia. Outside of Corinth, we hear most about prophecy and healing miracles. The historical records of church history since that time … Continue reading

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