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No Covenant, No Covering

One more time: The Lord offers no covering or blessings on this earth outside of His covenants. Think through the implications of this. First, there is the matter of what those covenants say to us about our conduct. All of … Continue reading

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Maybe Yours, Too

On the one hand, this is just a hobby blog. On the other hand, I remain committed to the Radix Fidem covenant, and will promote it here from time to time. It’s a covenant, not a religion. If anything, it’s … Continue reading

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Growing Faith, Not an Organization

The record is clear: God hates centralization of human society and government. All you need is to look at the Tower of Babel. The meaning of that story is that any effort to centralize human culture, religion and government will … Continue reading

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Isolation Faith

Genuine faith is possible in isolation. There is a lot we can say about the way religion and churches work as a social phenomena. Social science cannot answer any questions regarding the spiritual and miraculous elements, but it can report … Continue reading

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Good Time to Go Home

This is just more of my mad gibbering. One more time: It won’t matter who sits in the White House this next year. That is, I’m utterly certain it will make no difference for me; there will be tribulation either … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa; Changes Coming

The logic goes something like this: If I announce something as a prophetic word from God, and it does not come true, either I am dishonest or I am crazy. I plead the latter. According to Biblical Law, someone with … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Strategy

This kind of post would normally show up on the other blog, but I want maximum dispersion of this message. We don’t generate a strategy; we receive one from God. I can’t speak for you and your faith, but when … Continue reading

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Symbolism: Mark of the Beast

If you insist on reading John’s Revelation literally, you’ll never understand anything. It’s not a specific forecast, but a revelation of how things work. It’s written in the language of Hebrew parables, a well established lore of symbols taken from … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask Me

Much of what we think we know about human history stands on the thinnest pretense. I’ve mentioned in the past that our entire chronology of Ancient Egypt is a house of cards. Now I’ll add that most of what we … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Is Not a Religion

The Lord has called me as an elder. That means I seek to help my family of faith to follow Christ. My family uses the nickname Radix Fidem as a label for our shared identity. This is my so-called “milk … Continue reading

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