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Ask Yourself: Where Is His Glory?

Tonight I had a conversation with a friend about abortion. This is something where we can apply the biblical process of multi-level moral reasoning. Reduced to it’s bottom line in Biblical Law, it’s nobody’s business but the mother and her … Continue reading

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The Supernatural

Just a quick note… In many ways, the word “supernatural” is mostly used in place of “inexplicable” in the sense that it signals something from another realm of existence. Granted, in movies and other forms of fiction, it is almost … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Make Sense of It

In the coming days, some of us will face jolting moral quandaries. A couple of days ago, Mr. T mentioned the Trolley Problem, a popular test of ethics. I’m not going to spoon-feed any answers to you; what matters is … Continue reading

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The Norm of Miracles

Before anyone starts to ask the questions, the answer is mysticism. We can wrap our answers in reason, but the fundamental issue remains, “Thus saith the Lord” who made all things and determines how reality works. Further, He has not … Continue reading

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Politics of Obsession

In Scripture, the term “Lust of the Eye” (see The Nature of Sin and Temptation) refers to a particular weakness in human nature. In this modern age, it manifests most often as entertainment-seeking. At a fundamental level, it’s an appetite … Continue reading

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Talking Past Each Other 2

(The previous post by the same title is about computer stuff, but the principles are similar.) You cannot prove God exists, and they cannot prove He doesn’t. We who are spiritual are aliens to those who aren’t spiritual. They live … Continue reading

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Job 11

The starting point of moral wisdom is recognizing our minds are not equal to the task. When we understand the fullness of our fallen condition, we realize we cannot know the nature of things nor all the factors in any … Continue reading

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Biblical Morality: Chapter 7

Fighting Fate Fate is a heathen concept. In some pagan mythologies, particularly those on which the West was built, the universe doesn’t care. Even if we imagine there is a personal entity behind our unpleasant circumstances, it’s an uncaring entity. … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 3

What can we know from the human level? In Hebrew, context is everything. Thus, it is common sense to folks in Solomon’s time, but was included by God’s design. No one should strive to be the same in call contexts, … Continue reading

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A Theology of Theology

theology: the study of God and of the nature of religious truth; a school of thought arising from such study; an organized course of study within the academic field of religion There is no theology in the Bible. There entire … Continue reading

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