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The Radix Fidem Path with COVID-19

This is for the Radix Fidem community: I want to encourage you. I’m praying you remain on the path of divine truth, that you keep doing what you’ve been doing. My burden is to equip you so that your heart … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Energy

If you pay any attention at all to the mainstream media, you have already seen the endless pitches to comply with government orders. Not just grudgingly, but the appeals are aimed at making you grateful for the controls. On the … Continue reading

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End of the Kiln

The time has come: I’m shutting down Kiln of the Soul ministries. Feel free to steal that name. This has nothing to do with the Radix Fidem covenant, or either of my blogs. Anyone who contacts me needing pastoral guidance … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Biblical Law is the standard for human life after the Fall, and it stands until Christ Returns. It’s not that Biblical Law is inherently conservative or liberal. Rather, in our current social and political climate, Biblical Law appears to many … Continue reading

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Defining Christian Mysticism

What’s the logic of my message? (Somebody needs to hear this.) Referring to the people who associate with this ministry as a group of Christian Mystics means we are otherworldly. This world isn’t worth your care and concern. It’s slated … Continue reading

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More Than Anything Else

Did you know that most of what Jesus taught was already on record somewhere in rabbinical teaching? He really wasn’t much of an innovator in that sense. Rather, He was fighting a dominant trend among the Pharisees of His day … Continue reading

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Deconstructing 03

Discrimination is necessary. If you are going to hate what God hates, you must be discriminating about what there is in this world that warrants hate, and from what depth of passion in each context. It should be obvious that … Continue reading

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