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Reality is Racist

A genuine biblical mystical outlook yields some treasures most people miss. It is a unique approach to understanding reality, and it points to a whole range of intellectual vigor that seems to have sat quietly in the shadows. This is … Continue reading

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Phenomenology as Clue to Phenomena

It seems a good time to point out something that may not be obvious. For those of you familiar with philosophy as an academic pursuit, you recognize that I use the terms and some ideas from Phenomenology. You may also … Continue reading

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Watching and Working

Moral discernment (quantum reasoning) works on multiple levels, seeing that a specific event may well bring two kinds of good and three kinds of bad. On the one hand, it should be pretty entertaining. But that’s all it will be. … Continue reading

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New Page: Radix Fidem

God’s sense of timing is nothing like ours. In Scripture, we find ourselves confronted with a sense of “when it’s ready” or ripeness. I’ve avoided coming up with a name for the religion I teach here, content for many years … Continue reading

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Heart: Awake and Clear

We have two concerns when we study how the Hebrew and other ANE cultures took seriously the heart as a superior intelligence. First, we have a massive barrier in the form of Western Civilization. It’s not enough that the West … Continue reading

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An Itch in the Moral Consciousness

The Cross was Christ’s greatest victory. I don’t need to dramatize the human suffering of Our Lord; God save us from people who gild the lily. But I wonder how much it cost Him to show compassion to Pilate? In … Continue reading

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Naked and Invested

Humans do have instincts. Conceptually, it’s probably useful to think of them as part of your lower brain at the bottom of your spine, what I jokingly call the “butt-brain”. It’s the center of your body consciousness and the functions … Continue reading

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