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Know Thyself

I’ve said before that you should never apologize for your sense of humor. Much of what we consider to be funny is actually hard-wired. There’s room for soul-searching, of course. There’s plenty that we can condemn as bad social conditioning, … Continue reading

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Panic Is Not a Strategy

I like to rant, and I’m highly opinionated. Indeed, by some definitions I am clinically insane. You have been warned. I’m reacting to a vast tsunami of alt-right rumbling about arresting and convicting “all the pedophiles in Hollywood” and/or among … Continue reading

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They Want You Stupid and Docile

I went to teachers’ college and got certified for public education. In the process, I was put through a lot of pedagogy courses. Some of them were bullshit, but they did cue me on studies done in the past to … Continue reading

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Our Permission Not Required

I am a shepherd, called of God. Keep in mind that the Lord called people like Peter and even Judas into discipleship. The former finally took the right path, while the latter failed. Had Judas not betrayed the Lord, Satan … Continue reading

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The Task Is Departure

Just as a reminder, I tend to favor Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis as a model for human psychology. There are multiple models out there, and no one of them can explain everything. That’s because the human psyche is inexplicable in … Continue reading

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Commonplace Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is an affliction of degree, not of kind. Every human is born with multiple personalities, typically in the form of personas. This is the norm. We have to be different people to the various folks we encounter in life; … Continue reading

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Faith and Pedophiles

What happens when a pedophile becomes a heart-led servant of Christ? If you go by the experience of mainstream American Christianity, you don’t have a clue. The mainstream churches have no plan for dealing with moral and spiritual recovery of … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 03

2. Motivations (Romans 12:3-17) This is another open list, but we can’t discern any additions until we understand well enough what Paul delineates here. The list of temperaments could be translated as prophetic, servant, teacher, encourager, giver, elder, and caregiver. … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts 01

I’m not sure where this teaching arose, but I first encountered it in the mid-1980s while testing the waters with a charismatic church. The experimental church fell apart, but I learned an awful lot about the mythology of neo-pentecostalism. If … Continue reading

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Pastoral Psychology and the Heart 04

Moral truth was firmly established before Creation. The fatal flaw in choosing the Forbidden Fruit is that the human intellect is utterly incapable of being objective. Reason leading to objective truth is just a myth. Inevitably the traffic feeding into … Continue reading

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