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Goats Fleeing Predators

The only prerequisite for peace with God is a heart-led awareness. Anything else you may know, or not know, intellectually can be negotiated. It doesn’t require a high degree of education to please God. There’s nothing wrong with a good … Continue reading

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Pray for Resistance

People are going to die because you cannot make peace with demons. The Lord holds the lives of all humanity in His hands. If He chooses to pacify us, then we will not fight. If He sets loose the demons … Continue reading

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Two Primary Issues

I just wanted to review two overlapping trends coming our way during this communist revolution: a vaccine and currency controls. First is that the so-called plague is not spiking at all; it’s only the propaganda that is spiking. So be … Continue reading

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The Lord Is with You

An important part of my mission is to strengthen the hand of those who would resist the coup against the people of America, the rightful government of the US. It doesn’t matter what level of resistance people feel led to … Continue reading

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No Going Back

How did America become so rich? It doesn’t matter if you want to say it was hard work or theft; the underlying single most important factor is materialism. We can narrow it down to a cultural orientation, the middle class … Continue reading

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Fighting over Babel

God made this world and made us. He has revealed how we should live in this world. That revelation was His merciful gift to mankind after we rejected His plan in Eden. He couldn’t allow us to stay in Eden … Continue reading

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Semi-Apocalypse of Vaccination

Jon Rappoport gives us a nightmare vision of how the globalists are likely to proceed. I suppose he gets one thing wrong: His vision rests on a level of prosperity we no longer have. Still, you get the idea — … Continue reading

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Oppression Has No Flavor

Surveillance is not the issue. The only time surveillance is a real threat is when the forces behind it are big enough to be a serious problem to those they snoop. But the victims of surveillance vastly outnumber the snoops … Continue reading

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Current News Review 17

I predict that the defendants in the Ahmaud Arbery case will be acquitted, and there will be riots. Keep in mind that God’s revelation about divine justice is not the same thing as US philosophical assumptions about jurisprudence. That’s on … Continue reading

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Limited Escape

The reason government officials and their supporters are so adamant on keeping the quarantines tightly clamped has nothing to do with any imaginary care about human welfare. This plague is going to spread no matter what we do. But if … Continue reading

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