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Morality and Privacy

There is no mind so strong against manipulation as the mind which does not stand in its own strength, but is a second-class faculty that serves the heart. One of the things I pray for daily is a better moral … Continue reading

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Secure Email Communications

As previously noted, I don’t anticipate actually needing encrypted communications for myself. However, some of you may see a need, or other folks may come into my world feeling the need. Encryption is touted as primarily a means of digital … Continue reading

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Dead Time

It’s not that I have nothing to do. I’m testing ideas involving working with high mobility. Apparently the wifi on our home router isn’t that great. It’s not too bad for Android devices because they are designed to handle low … Continue reading

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The Newest Online Privacy Threat: Canvas

As a part of the various options webmasters have for displaying content in your browser, something called “canvas” can also be used for tracking. In essence, the webpage can instruct your browser to draw a picture that is not displayed. … Continue reading

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Moral Transparency Online

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: You cannot have privacy online. It’s the nature of the beast. Sure, you can encrypt and make it difficult, but that’s about the same as any lock on any door — it only keeps … Continue reading

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Bogus CDC Survey Calling Cellphones (Updated)

This is my cellphone. I pay more than I want for the air-time, and I don’t appreciate long and senseless calls. Most people who call me know that. One caller keeps violating that, and is hostile to my wishes. They … Continue reading

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Net Gain of Freedom

Now here’s an idea: Autonet. This, along with a few similar projects around the Net these days, is past due, in my estimation. While the weakest link is probably coming up with autonomous access to the wider global network, I … Continue reading

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CRC Coming to America?

The UN Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC) — Let’s think about that for a moment. I’ll be the first to note WorldNetDaily is loaded with hyperbole, and the editors take themselves too seriously. Still, this is hardly news. … Continue reading

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Open Virtues

One of the most damning accusations against anything today which involves three or more people is secrecy. We on the outside of any thing are suspicious of what is hidden, and rightly so. The primary reason for hiding things is … Continue reading

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