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“Stand Your Ground” Principle Online

I don’t care what you think or believe. Honestly, it makes no difference in my life what calls to you. And what calls to me makes no difference in your life, either. If you choose to read my blather, that’s … Continue reading

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Better Buy a Tent

In many places within the USA, crime is rising. That’s an objective fact; you can look it up. What you cannot look up, since no one in the power system is willing to talk about it, is that the primary … Continue reading

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Trustworthy but Not Trusting

If there is one thing that stirs me most deeply, it is watching someone betray the trust of another by humiliating them publicly. This is to me the epitome of senseless predatory behavior; all you could possibly gain from it … Continue reading

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Goats Fleeing Predators

The only prerequisite for peace with God is a heart-led awareness. Anything else you may know, or not know, intellectually can be negotiated. It doesn’t require a high degree of education to please God. There’s nothing wrong with a good … Continue reading

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Predatory Externalization

In the study of economics, we recognize the concept of externalization, wherein major actors in the economy will shift the costs and risks of their activities onto others. So, for example, air pollution shifts some of the costs of production … Continue reading

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This We Must Defend

The Tower of Babel stands in Scripture as the ultimate example of how bad things can be in this fallen world. It was a government that preyed on people to enslave them to impossible dreams, to pull humanity down to … Continue reading

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This World Is a Trap

Let’s review: Most people are aware of the basic concept that fear tends to make you dependent. Social chaos and instability have proven very strong factors in creating fear and dependence. For example, the fundamental factor in Western feudalism was … Continue reading

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