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Psalm 140

We have here the first of four psalms of David crying out to God in times of distress. This one refers to the political and military plots against him as God’s anointed. Keep in mind that, regardless of the actual … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes

Photographers know that sometimes the beauty is the whole scene, and sometimes it is some small portion hidden in the middle of a lot of clutter. I don’t choose the images; they call to me and I shoot. It speaks … Continue reading

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Psalm 138

A psalm of David, this one makes more sense if we keep in mind the image of a God who reveals Himself through His character in Creation. Anyone born anywhere has the capacity and means to grasp something of God’s … Continue reading

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Spiritual Activism

What sort of activism would you expect from mystics? There would be the obvious determined respect for Creation; most of you would see that right away. I pick up trash virtually every day outside my apartment building. It’s not some … Continue reading

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Off the Cuff 02

This is surely connected to the previous Off the Cuff post. Yesterday something stuck in my craw, but it wasn’t anything my conscious mind could identify. Overnight I had some dreams that were indicative in the sense of a parable; … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Psalm 123

Teaser… While very short, this Psalm of Ascents is far more intense than any English translation can convey. It echoes of someone in deep distress from oppression, implying a persecution for one’s faith in Jehovah. The first word in the … Continue reading

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What’s Going On 07

This morning I awoke to the sense of sorrow and loss — not my own, but a general concern for the world around me. By the time I went out to pick up trash, one of the vehicles in our … Continue reading

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