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Still Training for the Mission

I’m still training for the mission. A couple of days ago I rode past these tiny purple blossoms in someone’s front yard, right along the route I take to Draper Lake and back. I know some folks call them “bluebells” … Continue reading

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First Ride: After Action Report

Let me begin by saying I know what God has called me to do and I will pressure no one to support it. I’m going to do carry out the mission either way. This post will outline how I propose … Continue reading

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The Sad Fate of Julian Assange

We aren’t taking scalps. The mission of exposing sin is not about the big named individuals we might bring down. That will surely happen, but it’s not the focus. Exposing sin is not about the sinners, but the sin. We … Continue reading

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Random Chapel Shots

A few random images from my prayer rides so far this week… First up is a shelter I saw standing on the north bank of the North Canadian River at the mouth of Crutch Creek. You can see a rather … Continue reading

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Praying According to How God Hears

As heart-led followers of Christ, we spend the bulk of our lives focused on training the brain to obey the heart. A critical element in this is learning to accept the Lord’s testimony of who and what we are in … Continue reading

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Tools of Divine Glory

My fitness plan isn’t about extending life, but extending self utility. We agree under our covenant to an otherworldly orientation. This life isn’t precious, but it’s subject to divine revelation for the sake of our Creator’s glory. Once His glory … Continue reading

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Breaking It Down into Small Bites

You don’t have to pay attention to anything I write here, since all I’m asking folks to do is pray. I’m not planning any particular course of action for myself, nor am I asking anyone else to take action. But … Continue reading

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