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Behind My Fiction

Call it what it is. People need health care. There is no way in Hell the US economy can support what the people could use, so the only question is how much is “enough” to be worth the trouble. The … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Not Against Flesh and Blood

Excerpt… There is no single agenda that controls our world. There are multiple agendas, overlapping, competing, and running in parallel. Here is just one example; it is truth disguised as fiction. It represents the global bankster interests, but there are … Continue reading

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Closer to Iran than Bellicose America

In logic, we call it a “category error” when someone tries for to force something into the wrong category of logic. It’s one thing to cling tenaciously to Aristotelian denials of other realms of existence; it’s another thing to try … Continue reading

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My Own Radical View

Conversations I’ve had lead me to believe I need to sum up the current context here. This post is just my own personal opinion. I reiterate that, prior to his inauguration, I believed Trump was planning to pull a bait-n-switch. … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Prophetic Economics 04

Teaser… The Internet connects humans across the world like nothing before. At the same time, it inserts itself as an alternate reality between everyone. People haven’t changed and the communication does enable us to recognize each other as real people, … Continue reading

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The Sniper 04

It was a bit of disappointment for Franklin when the chief later told him the mission was off. After some back-and-forth over the communications channel with the local military commander, the chief was ordered to send the crawlers directly out … Continue reading

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Spotlight in the Night

Let’s make some distinctions here. There’s not a darned thing we can do to stop the immense evil in Syria, in part because it’s all tied into the Satanic plans regarding Israel. The whole thing is a swamp and there’s … Continue reading

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