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Nothing to Hide

Based on the questions people do ask, it seems to me there are a lot of questions implied that people don’t ask, so I’m going to offer some clarifications on things discussed on this blog. My point here is to … Continue reading

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Our Vindication

In the Old Testament generally, and particularly in Psalms, you’ll see a Hebrew phrase typically translated as “my vindication.” You’ll also see references to avoiding shame or embarrassment. This is all tied into one basic idea: We are justified in … Continue reading

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Fighting Babylon

This is in response to some offline questions. The Tower of Babel symbolizes a false religion used to oppress and to violate fundamental Biblical Law. The false religion was a form of astrology. The fundamental law transgression was an attempt … Continue reading

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Off the Cuff 04

This is not about Israel so much as about the US. Let me reiterate that this is one of those prophetic fires that you aren’t required to believe, but that I am required to put up here on the blog. … Continue reading

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Linux versus WannaCrypt

You don’t have to read this, but I do have to write it. Some of you, dear Readers, are sympathetic to my ranting about the virtues of switching from Windows to Linux. The recent big wave of ransom-ware commonly known … Continue reading

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Kiln blog: Moral Complexities

Teaser… It is a real challenge to stick to a heart-led conviction and wade through the mass of lies. For those of us still learning how to live by divine conviction, seeking to shake off generations of false religious teaching … Continue reading

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More Random Stuff

A witless comedian has complained about God. The only reasonable answer to fools like that is: God didn’t make the world like this. The world He made was wonderful; it was Eden. The problems with this world are our making. … Continue reading

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