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What Were You Expecting from This Election?

As always, I’m only sharing my convictions. You need to examine your own. The globalists are going to win their battle to seize the US federal government. The only hope for any kind of sanity is decentralization — to dissolve … Continue reading

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Resistance and Dissent is Life

Let’s be clear: It is utterly impossible to unite the American people. You can theorize and postulate ideals all you want, but the union has long been dissolved in the hearts and minds of the people. It’s not just two … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 13

There is one thing I can say in favor of Q’s troll army: For the most part, they understand that the whole point is not activism, but information. This is information warfare. Most of the active participants invest their efforts … Continue reading

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Tribulation for Sure

This is a prophetic warning. It’s useful only for those who feel led by the Lord to pay attention. Just a quick review first of the wider context. We’ve explained often enough what Biblical Law demands of us in terms … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Stuff

Contemplate the moral fabric with your heart. Consider the known history of humanity. It makes no difference what anyone suggests or promotes or agitates for, because the outcome is already in plain sight. First, let’s describe what we are not … Continue reading

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Mass Distraction

Just in case you’re wondering: I know there is nothing I can do to stop the Antifas and White heritage groups from killing each other. Just keep in mind that virtually every Klan group or similar organization in the US … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 2

If you can grasp the mystical image of reality to any degree, then it should be less of a struggle to handle what follows. You are the only person on this earth who can know in fullness God’s calling on … Continue reading

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Nothing Personal, But It’s Personal

There is nothing particularly virtuous, nor sinful, about activism. Start with holy cynicism and not taking yourself too seriously. If activism is simply a part of your personal character, then be activist. Do it because it’s essential to who you … Continue reading

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Go Big or Go Home

The question is always the same whether it’s politics or war: Cui bono? If your dream is to destroy a moral evil on the earth, take away the profit. I hear activists talking about the need to stop this or … Continue reading

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Non-partisan Support

We don’t encourage activism because it brings you too close to idolatry. It traps you in the Western mode of thinking and material reality. We don’t promote “Christian” virtues as law because it reduces religion to mere legalism. What we … Continue reading

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