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Against the Sport of Bodybuilding

Let’s be clear: I have no problem with men and women building up their bodies. I work on that every day. There’s a problem with the pagan exhibitionism of the sport that worships a human ideal (idolatry). The human body … Continue reading

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It Was an Adventure

This morning I rode my bike back to the shop where I bought it. I had arranged to have my head stem swapped for a variable one that would raise my hands about 2″ (5cm) because I’ve been having a … Continue reading

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Parts Chasing Adventure

Yesterday’s adventures was a parts-chasing run. On the way, I passed through one of my old neighborhoods. It was some 55 years ago that I lived in what is now called “NW 39th Street Enclave” but which I used to … Continue reading

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Self-Reliance Requires Faith

Self-reliance on the human level does not conflict with faith in Christ. It takes a lot of faith to be self-reliant. The issue is that we know we cannot all be self-reliant in the same ways. Thus, we form a … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Curriculum: It’s Natural

5. It’s Natural We were designed as stewards over a portion of God’s Creation. Adam and Eve first had eternal bodies, unlike the rest of Creation, which is supposed to exist in a life and death cycle. The actual passing … Continue reading

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Try to Imagine

Typical is not necessarily normal. A critical element of heart-led faith, of walking by conviction, is that we are granted a stronger and more conscious connection to our own bodies. That’s a clear element in being more firmly connected to … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends 04

I have a theory about cravings. You know that body fat is deposited in layers, built up based on whatever was happening in our bodies at the time that wasn’t balanced out. Some of the garbage in our systems at … Continue reading

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Tools of Divine Glory

My fitness plan isn’t about extending life, but extending self utility. We agree under our covenant to an otherworldly orientation. This life isn’t precious, but it’s subject to divine revelation for the sake of our Creator’s glory. Once His glory … Continue reading

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Imprecatory Ride

During times of tribulation is when you see the most miracles. Let’s review. When Christ rose from the grave, He merged law and faith into a single Covenant in His blood. Of course, we know that law still works for … Continue reading

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Catch the Moment

Today was my heavy workout in the park. During the course of my efforts, storm clouds rolled in from the north. I didn’t have access to radar imagery so I could only guess. I decided to stay the course and … Continue reading

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