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Cycling: Catching Up

The river isn’t so dramatic when it has a good flow. This looking north from the bridge at NE 122nd up near Jones. Over the past week or so I haven’t ridden a lot. Excessive wind or just plain bad … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 22

Yesterday’s heavy workout was just dynamite. I’m still having trouble with the pulled calf muscle; last week I could only jog up the hill, but yesterday I could run slowly. After last night’s heavy storms, we have serious high winds … Continue reading

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The Hard Workout

I do this only once per week, typically on Tuesday. It’s getting warm enough that I have to hit it mid-morning at the latest. The idea is to get a full body workout, with a focus on practical performance activities, … Continue reading

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So Here’s the Plan…

Right on the tail of my bicycle crash about this time last year, I began having serious trouble with tachycardia. This stuff started maybe a decade ago, but it was always pretty innocuous. An episode here and there and it … Continue reading

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The Fixer 01

(This is part 2 of the same story that started with “The Sniper.”) Just a few more seconds and Ned would have it. You wouldn’t likely have noticed him, sitting in a chair with his ticket curled out from between … Continue reading

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Prayer Requests

The first item is conceivably frivolous, but I’m asking anyway: My thirst for adventure is powerful. Now, I have no place to store a boat of any size, but I am really longing for a way to row around on … Continue reading

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Stop the Secularizing

By now you may have caught a whiff of something my recent posts have been reaching for: We live a life of worship. In that sense, life is ritual. Our human existence on this earth is rightly shaped by an … Continue reading

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